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What is ARMED?

ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) is an innovative prevention and self-management certified medical device.  ARMED combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with wearable technology and health and social care data. Providing actionable insights to practitioners and clinicians supports their decision making to identifying escalating patient risk and deploying resources to where there is the greatest need.

The innovative solution allows you to identify risks (including risk of falling) earlier in the care cycle, empowering people to remain independent within their own homes for longer.

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The health and care market is under considerable pressures and in response, ARMED has developed a Command Centre solution that supports earlier discharge from hospital and the need for in-patient stay as well as the risk escalations to those at risk of adverse events and potential re-admission.

The analytical, action focused dashboard uses predictive algorithms to ensure relevant information is supporting a virtual care functionality help ensure that unnecessary admissions are PREVENTED overstays are PREVENTED, readmissions are PREVENTED and patients are able to live independently at home more quickly.

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Success Stories

Our extensive experience in the market gives us unrivalled referencability. Councils, CCGs, Providers and Housing Associations all have different motivations for choosing ARMED. What surprises most of our customers is the ability to deliver savings and efficiencies hand-in-hand with increased quality of life.

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Awards Winning Technology

After initial community trials with incredible results, ARMED gained the support of the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI).

ARMED is proud to have received many awards for innovation and digital health care. We are also delighted to be in the 1% of companies chosen to be a Microsoft co-sell partner.

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