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Long Covid-19

Identify risks and take preventative action

The COVID pandemic has had a very significant impact upon the lifestyle of individuals and changed behaviour patterns, more so within older people as well as those with ongoing chronic and enduring conditions.  This has seen a significant increase in sedentary based behaviours resulting in increased risk of individuals.  

Additionally however, for those have contracted COVID the longer-term adverse effects of Long COVID can present with clusters of symptoms that are often overlapping and/or fluctuating. Ongoing research commissioned via Department of Health and Social Care has highlighted a range of long-term effects including breathlessness, headaches, cough, fatigue and cognitive impairment or ‘brain fog’.  The machine learning models of the ARMED solution is perfectly suited to identify physiological changes within a person to these enduring illnesses and support with identifying the escalating risk traits at an earlier stage.


ARMED Covid-19 Identify risks and take preventative action

Enabling you to provide a more ‘proactive’ service: ARMED’s wearable technology and analytics, provides a powerful remote monitoring solution. Health markers are measured via wearable technology and escalating risks identified are delivered to a range of care professionals. This type of remote monitoring is ideal for spotting deterioration that might lead to an incident requiring more intensive assistance, or a hospital stay, enabling you to put the required support in place before this occurs.

To make ARMED* easier to implement during COVID-19 challenges it has been transformed to enable remote deployment with configuration in advance to allow a Service User to simply ‘wear and go’. You can find out more about the simple steps to remotely rolling out  'ARMED in a Box' here.

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*ARMED is a certified medical device.

WATCH BBC NEWS feature about Cardiff Council using ARMED for the benefit of their community.

CASE STUDY: Telecare Cardiff are preparing now for post COVID challenges with ARMED, read the full case study: "Telecare Cardiff use ARMED to support their falls prevention strategy"

“I’m very pleased that my local council are taking the issue of falls seriously. To be part of such a pioneering project is exciting and I’m hoping to get a better insight and understanding on my own health, which will hopefully allow me to stay in my own home for a lot longer.”  Muriel, ARMED / Telecare Cardiff service user.

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