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Identify risks up to 32 days in advance of a potential incident

ARMED is a winning combination of wearable technology, predictive analytics and machine learning that enables early intervention to support independent living.

ARMED is a certified medical device and conforms to all appropriate EU standards. In accordance with the Medical Device Directive (MDD), ARMED can used across both community, residential and clinical settings offering insights and peace of mind.

Find out how Telecare Cardiff are using ARMED to support their falls prevention strategy.

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'Utilising wearables, health data & predictive analytics to support independent living'

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ARMED is also available in a simplified format for remote deployment.

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Find out just how much falls are costing you.

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To prevent falls and identify other risks, collecting the right data and analysing it to see patterns are key. To do this, ARMED utilises wearable technology to collect key metrics associated with frailty and risk of falling. 

To get a richer picture of an individual's wellbeing, data from wearable devices is complemented with regular weigh-ins using Body Composition Scales and grip strength tests. 

Using sophisticated predictive analytics, the data is analysed giving a wealth of information. Machine learning allows alerts to be raised to identify any risks.

Community trials have identified that warning flags are being raised approximately 32 days in advance of a potential incident, allowing for early intervention and appropriate support. Gradual deterioration can be spotted before it is too late, empowering independent living for longer.

To find out more about ARMED in action, view our Telecare Cardiff case study to find out how they are seeking to avoid hospital admissions through well-designed, cost-effective community-based interventions, targeting falls prevention among older people.

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