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ARMED is now available in a streamlined version which can be deployed remotely with the help of our team.

ARMED in a box

Benefit from award-winning falls prevention technology in 3 easy steps:  

  Step 1:   ARMED’s wearable technology is delivered fully configured and immediately ready for your clients to use.

  • ARMED in a box will come prepared and ‘ready to go’ on a clients wrist to start collecting data – this includes a polar device, mobile device and SIM card (so it doesn’t rely on the client having any technology infrastructure or internet connection).
  • From the point of order the items will be dispatched to you within approximately 7 days.                         

  Step 2:  
 The ARMED team will support you with the set-up and configuration ensuring you are ready to receive data from clients quickly.

  • Whilst your devices are being prepared and delivered, we will work with you remotely to create the system access and set up required.
  • We will help you to identify and define your users / cohorts
  • We will walk you through the simple set-up process.

  Step 3:  
  You’ll have access to our standard suite of reporting dashboards and receive ‘flags’ identifying changes in risk to help you make decisions on where care services are needed.

Post set-up you will have immediate access to our standard suite of reporting dashboards (we have already done the hard work for you and identified the key indicators of risk). From the standard reports you will easily be able to start identifying:

  • Daily escalating risk.
  • Escalating risk trends over a 14-day period.
  • If a person is over or under exerting themselves (this is of particular importance during an extended isolation period).

For more information about how ARMED can help:

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“The ARMED technology gives me reassurance and is making me more aware of how active I keep”  Eileen, ARMED user.