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Confidence and reassurance for

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ARMED improves the quality of life for individuals allowing them to stay healthier at home for longer. Focusing on self management and reducing the need for emergency care.

Benefits - Care & Support Providers

Using Data to Monitor Clients Health

Data is collected from a health device worn by the individual. This is complemented with weekly data from composition scales and strength tests. Information is then synced and uploaded to ARMED regularly.

Using predictive analytics, the data is analysed giving a wealth of information about activity, inactivity, sleep patterns and heart rate sending an email flag alert to the care provider identifying clients at risk.

Benefits - ARMED Users

Awareness in Health of ARMED User

ARMED allows clients, their families & health professionals to monitor key health metrics.

ARMED Client 1 “The ARMED technology is mind-blowing. It gives me a lot of confidence. I get readouts that show my individual data and I know the Healthcare Professionals that are trying to keep me in check see this. If they tell me I should be doing more or less of something they can show me the evidence and impacts”.

Benefits - Quality of Care

Increasing Independent Living

ARMED data makes it possible to spot trends rather than relying on ‘here and now’ subjective descriptions encouraging patients to work towards self-management by understanding their own health data. 

Based on the health data and trends the service provider can arrange tailored programs and targeted care for each user of the ARMED system. The data allows you to monitor and keep track of an individual's progress.


Daily Activity Alerts

Health Benefits & Daily Alerts

ARMED helps to reduce health cost by identifying issues earlier, taking pressure off acute services, avoiding ambulance call outs, unnecessary hospital admissions and delayed discharges.

The system sends daily alerts on escalating health risk to allow for targeted approaches to care based on health data. Helping avoid a health event that can have severe physical and emotional impact on older and frail individuals.