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How it all works...

Data is passively collected around the clock into the ARMED platform from the devices worn by the individual. This data is analysed using machine learning algorithms and risk escalations raised from this alerting to the early onset of risk and supporting prevention and earlier interventions.

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Machine Learning Delivering Outputs

ARMED empowers the individual and everyone involved in their care with real-time information. The machine learning allows alerts to be raised to identify risks. Our experience demonstrates that the importance of user self-management is vital.  Supporting users with intelligent information presented in an easy-to-understand, meaningful way enables the ability to manage the changes to positively support healthier living.

Community trials have identified that warning flags are being raised approximately 32 days in advance of a potential incident, allowing for early intervention and appropriate support.  

ARMED allows comprehensive reporting on a variety of metrics. It allows professionals to pick up on gradual deterioration that may not be obvious to family and Carers, in everyday contact with an individual, until it’s too late.

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Data Capturing Devices

The ARMED team have investigated and tested a wide range of wearable and peripheral devices.

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