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ARMED celebrates double award win for its innovative and wearable social care solution

ARMED has been awarded at two prestigious ceremonies for its ability to support independent living for older people.

We are proud to announce that our ARMED technology has been awarded at two prestigious ceremonies, for our ability to support independent living for older people.

We scooped the two awards thanks to our proven success rate and quick expansion, leading to the creation of new jobs while also demonstrating how artificial intelligence can revolutionise preventative care. 

The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards commend and celebrate the local and global impacts achieved through research and development partnerships between businesses, universities and research institutes.

Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection (ARMED) won the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award thanks to its impactful and long-lasting collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University and Scotland’s Digital and Health Institute (DHI).

The unique ceremony showcases the talent and expertise that leads to sustainable and inclusive economic growth and job creation. 

ARMED has also been recognised at the Digital Health and Care Awards (DHCA), a ceremony that celebrates excellence and innovation in Scotland’s quickly expanding health and social care sector. This award was led through the partnership with the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) 

At the event, ARMED was awarded the Independent Living Award, an accolade that celebrates the teams who are changing culture through innovative technology that enables individuals to live more independently.  

With the telecare model not progressing over the past 10 years, the DHCA praised ARMED for developing a solution that doesn’t react but instead demonstrates that it’s possible to deliver preventative services using low-cost technology to support independent living.  

Brian Brown, Director of ARMED at Tchnicare Solutions, commented; “We‘re thrilled to be the recipients of not just one, but two awards. These award wins are testament to the dedication and belief of our team, who are passionate about digital transformation.  

“We are always striving to improve the lives of those receiving care and support, increase independence and prevent health issues before they arise, alongside offering the sector a cost efficient and transformative solution.” 

ARMED was developed with support from Edinburgh Napier University and Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI), as well as being in the 1% of companies chosen to be a Microsoft partner.