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Leading Wearable Tech provider offers free access to help prevent escalating health issues amid COVID-19 self-isolation

The offer gives three months free use of the ARMED platform to help identify escalating care needs and issues from afar.

The offer gives three months free use of the ARMED platform to help identify escalating care needs and issues from afar.

ARMED is an innovative prevention and self-management solution from Techincare Solutions that focuses on key metrics associated with risk escalations associated with frailty and risk of falling, such as low grip strength, muscle mass, hydration levels, inactivity markers and sleep. These can easily be monitored and measured from an individual’s own home using wearable technology and in light of the current crisis, the platform itself has been remodelled in order to ensure that all services and solutions can be fully deployed remotely.

The launch of ‘ARMED out the box’ comes shortly after official advice to health and social care professionals in the UK to switch to remote interaction where possible. This is designed to limit the spread of the virus whilst still maintaining access to vital support services, and further underlines the importance of health and social care services having a strong digital infrastructure.  The ARMED machine learning models have been remodelled in order to capture data from the wearable device only during the current COVID-19 epidemic and thus minimise service user contact but maximise the ability for stratifying risk.

Brian Brown, Director of ARMED explained the rationale behind the offer: In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the enormous strain being placed on the social care sector, we are offering providers access to our wearable technology platform free for three months. There is no obligation to carry on with this after the three months, and this is purely to support the care sector in a time of crisis and showcase how preventative measures can support pressures. There is a nominal cost to the provider for the tech and set up, but the platform itself will be offered for free.


“To date, ARMED has identified escalating risk in a range of individuals where changes occurred through inactivity and changes in sleep patterns. We anticipate these scenarios will only increase in self-isolating situations, and potentially even more so should community home care support for vulnerable individuals be reduced as a result of staff shortages. Using ARMED to monitor from afar helps identify risks earlier in the care cycle, enabling prevention and early intervention whilst at the same time supporting self-management.”


ARMED is part of Technicare Solutions, a global provider of cloud-based workforce management and social care technology. It also has the support of the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) and has won recent awards from Tomorrow’s Care, The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards and the Digital Health and Care Awards.