Webinar: 'Spotlight on Prevention in Housing, Health and Social Care’

Date: 05th Nov 2019

Date: Monday, 25th November.

Webinar Title: 'Spotlight on Prevention in Housing, Health and Social Care

Real-life examples of how ARMED is playing a significant role in facilitating healthy ageing and independent living.

This event has now closed.

Join Brian Brown, our Director of ARMED (Early Intervention & Prevention Solutions) for a short 30 minute webinar, where we will be discussing the latest advancements in our prevention technology including some real-life examples of how ARMED has successfully been deployed within various settings across the UK and the benefits it is bringing to:

• Older Adults within the Community and Sheltered Housing.
• Adults with a Learning / Intellectual Disability (Council Service).
• Hospital Patients discharged to home.

Why join us: During this session we will be sharing the experiential learnings following the deployment of ARMED at a cross-section of Housing, Health and Social Care organisations. We will discuss how challenges were overcome, reveal the benefits made and provide you with the opportunity for a short Q&A.

Who should join: This webinar is for individuals with a responsibility for delivering care and an interest in prevention technology. Places are limited and registration will be essential.

This event has now closed.

For more information about ARMED email the team: armedprevention@hastec.ltd 

“[ARMED] provides our customers, their families and carers, with a tech solution that brings peace of mind while allowing people to live independently at home, for as long as possible. We fitted our customers with the ARMED solution and almost instantaneously we got results.”  Loreburn Housing Association.


The need for 'action': The annual cost of falls to health and social care services is staggering (as our infographic at the bottom of the page shows), but this in only part of the story. The impact on those who fall can be devastating, often leading to a loss of confidence, mobility and independence. ARMED is challenging the industry to think differently about the use of prevention technology, to better understand the very human benefits it can bring to service users. 

Having now been successfully deployed within various settings across the UK, ARMED is helping a mixture of housing, health and social care organisations to predict those at risk of falling. Enabling faster support and empowering citizens to take control of their health. 

Download our white paper:  Will Artificial Intelligence Set the Standard for Falls Detection?

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