A busy life, Pilates and feeling good

Mar 28, 2023 at 20:46

A busy life, Pilates and feeling good

Having the week away from my busy life to study my exercise medicine masters has given me a perspective I don’t often get. I’ve walked 26 miles, wandered around the shops at lunchtime and enjoyed a coffee on the High Street, in between my studies of course! It’s been lovely. I love my work teaching Pilates both in person and online and treating patients but also fitting in a teaching job at University and my own masters studies means I am often overloaded. So it’s time for a mini reset for me and it got me thinking what can we do for ourselves.

I looked to the Canadian’s guide to Physical Activity for inspiration, and they say:

Make your whole day matter

Move more, reduce sedentary time and sleep well

So basically, move , reduce sitting and sleep. A tall order for many of us but I think the key is the small changes.

To make the most of the whole day, add in different types and intensity of movement. Walking instead of driving those short distances, gardening, dancing to your favourite song, a short Pilates routine all contribute to a healthy day. I’m planning to take the time to do one of the Appletree Express classes 3 times a week, although I teach lots of Pilates, I don’t take the time for myself as often as I should. They only take 10 minutes so I can definitely find this in my day and by focusing on my breath it will help me feel relaxed and calmed. 

7 - 9 hours of good quality sleep regularly. Going to bed and waking up at consistent times is key. This is definitely an area of no compromise for me. 

Sitting less is about getting into good habits, I know once I sit in front of the computer I am the same as most of us, not so good at getting up and moving regularly. So this is another part of my reset plan, to move for a few minutes every half hour that I am in front of a screen. 

Hope my little reset has inspired you to revisit a few good habits that maybe you have forgotten or just not got around to lately.