Public Sector, We’re now a Digital Marketplace Supplier

Date: 01st Aug 2019

The Digital Marketplace is a government run online service for public sector organisations to find the right technology for their digital projects. 

All suppliers on the Digital Marketplace must apply to sell services, but any public sector organisation, including agencies, can buy services using the Digital Marketplace. 

HAS Technology is proud to be a G-Cloud supplier 

Your organisation can use the Digital Marketplace to buy cloud hosted services and software through the G-Cloud framework. 

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between government and suppliers. This ensures that buying through the Digital Marketplace is both faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. This is bringing huge benefits to health and social care organisations, including the NHS, CCG’s and Local Authorities. 

Here are the HAS Technology solutions you’ll find through the G-Cloud framework on The Digital Marketplace: 


Located within the Healthcare category, CallConfirmLive! is well known for its monitoring, scheduling and financial management solutions. The software has been developed to best meet the needs of the health and social care sector throughout the products’ rich 20-year history. Primarily used by Local Authorities and care Providers, the CallConfirmLive! solution has brought huge benefits to the health and social care sector, helping to bring efficiencies and peace of mind that Service Users are getting the care they need, when they need it. 

Describing CallConfirmLive!, North Tyneside Council said: “One word we would use is SAFE. Safe in the knowledge that my customers are receiving the best possible service, delivered at the right time and providing the right care and that my staff are safe while at work.” 

More recent innovations include our business intelligence and analytics tool, CMBI, which offers new ways to empower you with actionable data. You’ll find CMBI within the Analytics and Business Intelligence Category of the G-Cloud Framework. 


Located within the healthcare category, ARMED is HAS Technology’s falls prevention and self-management solution. Simply put, ARMED provides a technology enabled care solution which allows people to remain independent in their homes for longer. ARMED has seen fantastic results within the housing association environment.

ARMED combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with innovative wearable technology, and health and social care data, providing a powerful tool to identify risks (including risk of falling), earlier in the care cycle. 


Found within the Analytics and Business Intelligence category, PowerBI can help your organisation make evidence-based decisions quickly and easily. Increasingly, Councils around the country are recognising the value of big data to facilitate service improvements, deliver cost savings and generally identify areas of interest. 

Already used extensively within the care sector, Councils have a wealth of performance data for each of their Providers. Quality indicators such as length of visit, continuity of care, and real-time visit logging compliance can easily be used for contract management and benchmarking.  

The Quality Insight tool revolutionises the speed and ease in which data can be accessed, providing self-service actionable insight at the touch of a button. The automated reports save significant man-hours while also having the potential to increase workforce productivity. 

If any of these solutions sound like they could help your organisation increase its productivity, efficiency and quality, get in touch with our team to find out more.

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