Joint Mobility

Mar 20, 2023 at 22:27

Joint mobility is an important part of staying in great shape. Being able to move freely with ease really adds to quality of life. Getting stiff, not being able to move as well as you did in your 20s is a common concern I hear. 
Pilates is an excellent resourse for improving and maintaining our mobility and range of movements in our joints. Pilates focuses on top to toe conditioning for the body, working on flexibility, strength and coordination, all of which contribute to joints that feel good as they move. 

I love the exercises that mobilise your joints whilst also working on strength and stability. Hip circles are one of my favourites and you often find them in my classes. It is surprising how difficult it can be to make round slow circles with your leg whilst keeping your pelvis and back still and stable. Using a pilates band helps by providing just a little bit of support allowing you to focus on your technique. 

Pilates is well placed to work on joint mobility, balancing flexibility, mobility and strength. Moving with smoothness and suppleness is something we take for granted whilst it is easy but we learn to appreciate it for the ease it brings to our movements with time.