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Aug 05, 2023 at 11:36

Private Pilates Membership

This membership is the perfect solution for you if you know that you need someone there to support you each month and help you to get the results you want. Perhaps you are struggling with chronic pain, recovering from an injury or coping with a condition such as arthritis or joint hypermobility syndrome. Maybe you just feel like you have new aches and pains every week and are unsure which exercises are best for you!

Do you just need someone to keep you on track and hold you accountable each month to make sure you do your exercise as you know you’ll just let yourself off the hook otherwise! Someone to check your technique and make sure you are doing things correctly, provide guidance as to the exercises to focus on for the next month. Help to take control of your body and prioritise self care.

Pilates live and on demand 

If you like the combination of freedom and being part of a community of others then this is the perfect membership for you. The best of both worlds. You will be part of a community of other people who are also doing pilates online where you join the class livesteamed into your own home.  Live classes are a great way to help keep you on track with your Pilates at a regular time every week. And you are able to dip in to the prerecorded online classes whenever you want to, choosing shorter, longer, easier, harder classes, whatever you feel like today. If this sounds like you, then pilates live and on demand is better for you.

Pilates on Demand

This is for you if you are just looking for a workout solution to help you get the results that you want, to feel stronger, fitter and move better and you don’t want to be tied to certain times. You want the freedom and flexibility to be able to do the sessions whenever you want to.  Sometimes you may only have time for a short 10/15 minutes session other times you might want a full 45 minute class. Then Pilates on demand is the best emphasis for you giving you the option to do your Pilates whenever you want to in the space of your own home.

Start well package

The Start well package is a one off purchase. If you are feeling a little unsure about starting Pilates or nervous about doing the exercises wrong, this is a perfect start for you. You will get 2 private sessions, where we will go through all the essential techniques so that you get the most out of yoir membership. I will be able to show you, support you and make sure you’ve got the right technique as you begin so you can move into your membership knowing you understand the key fundamentals of how to do the exercises.

Why me

I’m Sharon Sylvester a health and exercise professional and I am the founder of Appletree Pilates. I LOVE helping people to feel healthy, fit and active as much now as when I started my journey in 2006.

 I have an extremely in-depth understanding of how the body works as I am also a practicing osteopath and teach osteopathy at university. I have been teaching Pilates and exercise for 12 years and have helped thousands of people feel better. I also know what it feels like to come back from injury having sustained serious shoulder and back injuries having spent a lifetime with horses.

In 2018 I began expanding my in person classes online and now I am able to help anyone anywhere in the UK.