Welcome to Appletree Pilates

Aug 04, 2022 at 12:45

We’ve had a lot of fun this year putting Appletree together for you. We have been busy making the videos, designing the website and working with the web designers to make it all come together. 

I hope you enjoy the workouts as much as we enjoyed making them. I have designed Appletree to be easy to fit into your life. There are lots of Express videos which mean you can have a quick workout in only 10 minutes, great for busy days or lunchtimes at work. Easyfit classes are around 20 minutes or less and if you have time to really relax into your Pilates there are longer workouts too. 

Find your favourite videos and do them as often as you like or try something new and enjoy progressing your Pilates and moving onto through the levels. Start with the Beginners Introduction series and then practice some of the other beginners classes. When you are ready move onto Improvers and then if you’d like to step up again there are the Intermediate workouts. Of course the beauty is that it is all up to you. The progressions are there if that is good for you but if you prefer to keep it easy and gentle, every month there will be new videos for each level so the choice is yours. Appletree is designed for you to do Pilates just as you would like to, it’s your choice. I hope you enjoy your Pilates journey and am happy you have chosen Appletree.