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ARMED's beginnings

The starting point for ARMED was finding a way to use machine learning to identify escalating risk, a cause of which is falls. The number of hospital admissions due to an older person falling is set to rise to nearly 1000 a day by the end of the decade. This means falls prevention is not a luxury but a necessity.

Whilst running the Scottish office of HAS Technology’s care management brand, CM (previously CM2000), Brian Brown started to work with Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) to see how health data could be modeled to identify risks. After some initial community trials the project gained the support of the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI).  

The trials identified a number of frailty issues that could be associated with risk of falling including inactivity, sleepless nights, de-hydration, abnormal weight changes and reduction in muscle mass. All of these could be monitored from the comfort of the individual’s own home using wearable devices.

The data generated allowed issues to be flagged up for early intervention before problems escalated. Warning flags are now being raised approximately 32 days in advance of a potential incident.

ARMED was thrown into the media spotlight when forward-thinking housing association, Loreburn, announced they would be adopting it across all their residents in sheltered housing.