Technology to drive prevention and early intervention

Prevention is better than cure

ARMED provides wearables and environmentals to help with self-management and early risk identification, allowing intervention and ultimately prevention.  

Wearable technology

Embrace technology enabled care

ARMED uses the latest wearable technology. Customers wear a Polar device which collects data on vital health signs 24 hours a day. This information is then synced, via Bluetooth, with a smartphone and uploaded to ARMED at regular intervals throughout a 24 hour cycle. 

Using sophisticated predictive analytics, the data is analysed giving a wealth of information about activity / inactivity, sleep patterns and heart rate.

Measuring devices

Supplementary data

To get a richer picture of an individual's wellbeing, data from wearable devices is complemented with regular weigh-ins using Tanita Body Composition Scales, and grip strength tests.  This provides insights into the changing nature of muscle mass %, body fat %, weight and hydration levels as well as changes within strength grip.

This information is uploaded to ARMED giving valuable additional insight into frailty issues.

Environmental sensors

Keeping your home safe

Housing is now recognised as an important part of someone’s wellbeing - alongside their care and support.  

Monitoring various aspects of the home environment has benefits for the individual and the housing provider. Earlier intervention to issues within a property will provide for an improved tenant experience as well as reduce the reactive costs, allow strategic decisions regarding budget & resourcing priorities and positively increase the longevity of the building fabric.


Safely managing medication

Combining adherence / non-adherence of medication, alongside the range of other frailty indicators monitored and measured through ARMED, provides an additional and very powerful way to identify risk escalations within an individual. Now part of the ARMED family, the YOURmeds solution helps ensure the right medication is taken at the right time, to support independent living, whilst alerting a support network if medication is missed.

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